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Our grain-free pork puppy food is the best formula for promoting health. If your puppy has allergies or sensitivities, this formula is especially for you. As with all of our products, this formula is grain-free. It also has no chicken protein. You may notice that it does have chicken fat, and this is because the allergies and sensitivities come from the chicken protein not the fat.

The anatomical makeup of dogs shows that they are carnivores, which is precisely why grain-free is your best option.  Pork has the highest digestibility of most all protein sources for dogs. This is the reason we started with pork as our first recipe and why it will always remain our foundation formula.

NOTE: The 40lb white bag is the BEST value and still offers you FREE SHIPPING. Save $13.95 when you purchase a 40lb bag compared to two 20lb bags!

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57 reviews for Pork Puppy

  1. Robert E Ray

    Really like the nugget size. Our puppy loves it.

  2. Abby

    Our 4 month old English Cream Labrador Retriever thrives on the Great Lakes Puppy kibble! We received a starter kit from our breeder, educated ourselves further on grain free diets and decided to stick with what our little girl loves. Great on her stomach, no digestion issues and she is very happy and healthy!

  3. Nancy

    Only food our beabull has had
    when we purchased our fur baby a bag came from the breeder and we have continued using it. Very pleased with the product and very quick shipping

  4. Joe, IL

    Our pup loves this kibble. We appreciate the option to subscribe and save as well as the free shipping.

  5. Joni Herter

    We will only feed our puppy this food!

  6. Lori Elkins

    Only thing our puppy eats. Other foods seem to upset his stomach causing vomiting or diarrhea. He loves the flavor and is healthy and growing. We are using the meat treats to train him.

  7. Brent Sampier

    My saint berdoodle puppy came from the breeder at 14 weeks eating pork puppy grain-free he does very well on it he seems to love it his poop is always solid and not stinky he also loves the meat treats and I like the free very quick shipping he will continue to eat this

  8. Brent Sampier

    My saint berdoodle puppy came from the breeder eating pork grain free puppy food he’s growing like a weed his coat is nice and shiny his poop is always solid and stink free just like the breeder said it would be I will continue to feed him this food because he seems to do quite well on it loves to meet treats as well

  9. RC Campbell

    Our pup came from the breeder using Pork Puppy, so we didn’t want to switch to the cheaper stuff too soon. Now we’ll never switch. His waste is always solid and odor is minimal compared to others I’ve known. And he loves the single kibbles for treat based training. It might cost a little more per pound than grain based dog food, but he doesn’t have to eat as much and seems satisfied. In the end, the daily cost of this better quality Pork Puppy is minimal, and well worth it.

  10. Craig Plain

    Murphy loves his Pork Puppy Formula. He runs to his food when it’s time to eat and he always cleans his bowl.

  11. Judah Harris

    Best dog food on the market. My Rottweiler adult and puppy don’t have any allergies or skin conditions on this food and they both have really shiny healthy coats.

  12. April Berns

    My puppy is almost 6 months old and very healthy. She’s been on Great Lakes puppy food since weaning. No stomach issues ever and her poop is always solid! I give her a small piece of fruit or vegetables as an occasional treat. Healthiest dog I’ve ever had thanks to Great Lakes. The customer service is great plus free delivery! It was here in two days! Thanks so much!

  13. Megan Di Dio

    Super fast shipping! Great ingredients, trusted sources and a caring company! Our pup loves great lakes pet food !

  14. Steve Misner

    Our puppy loves her kibble and is as healthy as can be, thankyou great lakes for an awesom product.

  15. Gerardo Saenz

    We adopted our first family pet. A healthy, loving, and fun Goldendoodle thanks to Great Lakes Pork Grain-Free puppy food. He loves his food but at the same time he fills up with just a small serving for each meal.

  16. James A Cameron

    My new pup love this stuff. I had to find a new place for the bag because she keeps trying to get it.

  17. Patty

    My Son is in college and we just got him a new puppy. The Breeder recommended Great Lakes Pork Puppy food. My son said the pup loves it and said he is doing great on the food. Will buy again. Thank you

  18. Vickie

    Dog loves the food!!

  19. Pamela Rocco

    My puppy Oscar just loves Great Lakes puppy food! He jumps all over me when I’m putting his bowl down!

  20. Kaylene R Groh

    Our dog really enjoys the taste of this food, and eagerly approaches meal time. I like the peace of mind knowing that I’m feeding him healthy food that will serve him well over his lifetime.

  21. KM

    Our pup loves it. He’s healthier than ever and growing like a weed. And shipping is fast.

  22. Ryan Bell

    My puppy loves it

  23. Jan Young

    We love Great Lakes puppy dog food is the best will continue to buy for my dog.

  24. Bruno

    Great food for my Goldendoodle. He loves it and shipping is FAST !!

  25. Dan

    Our puppy gladly eats it all up.

  26. Diann daily

    He loves it have no problem

  27. Holly

    My puppy can not wait to eat and loved the treats.

  28. Alisa Lemmon

    We switched to the pork puppy formula about 4 months ago. Our dogs love it and get excited about feeding time. Their stools are always consistent and firm and no more tummy problems.

  29. Jill Bruce

    Our breeder recommended. So far so good! Puppy only 11 weeks.

  30. Paul Scrivens

    Received order promply
    Our puppy likes it, . Has quality ingredients.

  31. Debbie K

    Happy Tummies Happy Puppies

  32. Steven Witt

    Our four month old Mini American Shepherd has eaten pork puppy since she was weaned. Not only does she remain excited to devour her daily kibble helpings but also considers them training treats as well.
    She is a VERY high energy puppy and seems to get everything she needs to fuel her growth and play time sessions from Pork Puppy!
    We love it …….and more importantly so does Mountain Sally

  33. Kris

    Our puppy Nora loves her food. It was recommended by the breeder we got her from, and we couldn’t be happier. Also shipping is super fast.

  34. Ryan

    Normally our puppy loves this food, but this time I ordered the 40 lb bag instead of the 20, and the kibble is larger. He doesn’t love it as much. We love the product we had originally (5 stars for that!) and hope this was a fluke. Incidentally, I tried to switch to a Costco brand that was similar, and he absolutely refused to eat it. He loves great lakes!

    • Great Lakes Pet Food

      Thank you for your review, Ryan. We recently changed our kibble sizes around to try to make it easier for the puppies. We will be switching back to your original kibble size soon. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused for you and your puppy!

  35. Kathleen McIntyre

    This was the dog food recommended from breeder. Haven’t found a quality food to compare

  36. Karen Estrada

    My Aussie loves this food ! Doesn’t beg for our food stays full and I love that he enjoys his meal.

  37. Erik

    Our new little Pomsky love it.

  38. DiannDaily

    Ordered pork 40 pound and received it next day.

  39. Sherrie Robinson

    Very good

  40. Rex

    Our puppy wouldn’t eat his other branded food we had; but we brought this home and he ate it right up. Totally loves it. We are big believers in this food.

  41. DiannDaily

    My puppy loves it

  42. Jgoercke

    The pork puppy kibble is great for getting the little ones off to a great start in life. Have a few pups currently on this formula and i am very impressed in what im seeing. 8 more little ones will be eating this very soon, and i am very comfortable giving them greatlakes food knowing they are getting only the highest quality ingredients to grow into nice strong puppies. All my dogs consume less food now, going poopoo less and no bad smells around anywhere!! I am very happy with this kibble. Thanks greatlakes..

  43. Scott Ellison

    My Irishdoodle puppy absolutely loves this food! I am very expressed with the quality of the ingredients and the health benefits it provides. I also love that I am supporting a local company.

  44. Kathy Burke

    I got my maltipoo puppy at bandc kennels.I bought the puppy food that they had at the kennel on March 15 2019. My puppy loves it. When out I will buy more. Thanks for the great work in making a great puppy food.

  45. Ashley Cornell

    This is the food the kennel had our Rottweiler puppy on when we got him. Seems to be just the right balance for him and he’s doing great!

  46. Amanda Giordano

    We’ve had our new family member, Flynn (a 14 week old morkie), home for 2 weeks now. The kennel that we got him from had him on this puppy food, so we ordered it when we got home. He was eating and having nice solid “bathroom breaks” 🙂 even after the stress of transitioning to a new home. I’ve almost NEVER heard that from other new dog owners. It makes starting crate and potty training a LOT easier! We’re extremely satisfied with the quality of this food, and will continue using it in the future.
    Thank you for making this special time even better!

  47. Donna

    My breeder recommended the pork puppy food and my golden retriever puppy is doing very well on it. We had no stomach issues whatsoever when we brought him home for the first time. 🙂

  48. Rob kinstner

    My golden doodle loves the food! Her hot spots are gone.

  49. Sarah Novinski

    We are extremely happy with Great Lakes brand food. Our puppy is thriving and is very healthy. We love that we can depend on the quality in every bag. As a family we are conscious about our own intake of foods, and we strive to put only the best on our table – Great Lakes gives us peace of mind that our puppy can also have the best in his bowl. We appreciate the dedication to quality!

  50. Claudia Manning

    We brought home our 11 week old mini goldendoodle puppy “Bailey” last week. The breeder has all her puppies on Great Lakes Puppy food and highly recommended it so we purchased a bag from her to keep him on the same food. I was so impressed from the time we brought him home with how well he ate and that his “poops” were solid leaving no residue or odor when picked up! He never had any loose stool or issues with not eating as many new puppies have. I just ordered the meat treats for him as well. Bailey’s new puppy visit with the vet was also great…very healthy puppy! So thankful for Great Lakes Pet Food!!!

  51. Robert Hoffenkamp

    Highly recommended by wonderful couple who I am pleased to say knew what they were talking about.

  52. Jane

    I have 2 puppies, a corgi and mini aussie, both love the puppy pork. Getting ready to move to adult next month

  53. Sharae Parker

    Once again Great Lakes came through on short notice and delivered on time.

  54. Diane Patras

    Both my puppies are doing great. One is a newfoundland and the other is an aussiedoodle with digestion issues. I switched his food to Great Lakes grain free pork which was recommended for the newfoundland and I now have two very happy healthy pups that love their food.

  55. Sharae Parker

    I noticed the kibble size are much smaller. My puppy love the small size kibbles just as much and no issues with digestion. He has been on Great Lakes Grain Free Pork for puppy sine we got him from the breeder.

  56. Josh Lisitza

    Out puppy has loved the Grain-Free Pork for puppies from day 1 and has had no issue with digestion.

  57. d_de_witt85@icloud.com

    Our puppy loves it! No problems with digestion or anything! Great food

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