Pork & Chicken Puppy Grain-Free

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Our grain-free pork & chicken puppy food is an excellent way to provide a healthy diet without breaking the bank. Your puppies food intake will roughly be 40% less when feeding our grain free foods compared to a grain filled diet.  This means that you can take 40% off the price when comparing and, lets not forget, less going in means less coming out!

NOTE: The 40lb white bag is the BEST value and still offers you FREE SHIPPING. Save $11.95 when you purchase a 40lb bag compared to two 20lb bags!

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47 reviews for Pork & Chicken Puppy Grain-Free

  1. Katarzyna Gibas

    I bought the food from breeder that recommended it for our puppy. Since that time that is the only food I buy for her. Ordering and shipping process is fast and easy. Highly recommending this company.

  2. Nancy

    Our puppy loves the pork and chicken, he is growing nicely and ha had a great report from the vet!

  3. Jodi Johnson

    My dog loves this food. Easy to order and ship.

  4. Hardik Patel

    Good food for Dogs. Loves it, eats it up quickly, sometimes I have to slow him down. Smooth delivery / subscription process.

  5. Joan

    Great, she loves it.

  6. Frankie

    Great dog food. Easily digestible and my dog loves it.

  7. Rachel David

    The order came within 36 hours of ordering. Our puppy loves the food.

  8. Barbara

    Our little Simon loves this food!

  9. Bonnie Oleary

    Great customer service!

  10. Eric

    My Rottie pup loves his food

  11. Eric

    My Rottie loves the food

  12. Patricia christenson

    My dog loves this dog food. Along with the meat treats


    The best My puppy loves it

  14. Charles Raj

    My dog loves it!

  15. Deborah Johnson

    Very good dog food, and my dog love it.

  16. K Jandeska

    Our Fiona, a 3-year-old Westie, is a picky eater. That’s why we are happy to feed her Great Lakes brand. She seems happy at mealtime now.

  17. Roy Andrews

    Best dog food ever. No fillers

  18. Brandon

    Our Golden Doodles and Poodle all love this dog food. It is great and we love the auto order and shipment is fast. Thanks for a great product.

  19. Karen S Wessels

    My girls have been eating Great Lakes for close to a year now and they love it! I’m really happy with the way they “digest “ it! Shipping has always been fast and the 40 pound bag offers a respectable savings that my husband loves! So, it’s a win-win-win!!!

  20. Nancy Ramsey

    My dogs seem to love this food. The shipping was fast.

  21. Ogh090772

    Nuestro criador recomendó la marca Great Lakes para nuestro cachorro muy recomendable

  22. Broly16

    Our breeder recommended Great Lakes brand for our golden retriever puppy. He is definitely a finicky eater when it comes food! He seems to eat the Great Lakes brand without complaint. Shipping was extremely fast I will keep buying from Great lakes without a doubt.

  23. Vince Moreno

    I was recommended this pet food from my breeder and I am very impressed. The price is affordable and the feed is top quality, my new pup loved it. Also the shipping was extremely prompt. I will keep buying from Great lakes without a doubt

  24. K Jandeska

    Our breeder recommended Great Lakes brand for our Westie Fiona. While we love our little three-year-old, she is definitely a finicky eater when it comes to dry food! Still, she seems to eat the Great Lakes brand without complaint. Even though she’s an adult now, I have been ordering the “puppy” version of her kibble because she seems to prefer the smaller-sized pieces. Maybe it’s because she’s a small breed? In any case, we are highly satisfied with the product and the great customer service at Great Lakes!

  25. Jmiller_hg

    This brand was recommended from the breeder for our 6 month old mini goldendoodle. He was a surprise for our girls at Christmas time. Not only did the company ship it to us in two days but I was worried about our kids seeing a dog food box come to the house. (We didn’t want to ruin the surprise)Following an email, The company placed it in a non-marked box…they were so helpful! Not only that our dog loves the food!

  26. Taneka

    Our 13 week German Rott. Poop is great. No bad smell. The breeder started him on this food. We decided to keep him on it

  27. Jamie siggeman

    The breeder had my beautiful frenchie on Great Lakes dog food and we decided to keep her on it. She absolutely loves it and frenchies are known for their digestive problems but Duck is healthy and happy! I highy recommend this food!!

  28. Jason lepkowski

    My Pure German Rottweiler loves this food ! Vet says dogs poop is perfect

  29. Jason L

    My pure German Rottweiler puppy loves this stuff . Dogs poop is good 😁

  30. Sean

    I bought the 40lb bag of pork and chicken for my 14 month old Yellow Lab. It is what the breeder fed and he loves it! I will definitely continue to feed Great Lakes Pet Food.

  31. Don s

    Easy to order and very fast delivery. Breeder feed and recommended this brand and my 6 month old Cavapoo is very healthy.

  32. Marsha

    My puppy loves it and eats it very well!

  33. Arlene Lis

    I got my Cavschon in August and this is the puppy food she was fed. She loves it. No stomach problems and firm stool. When I switch her to adult food I will definitely buy Great Lakes

  34. Kiara Russell

    First, let me start by saying that I love Great Lakes Pet food!!! I order one day, and my food is delivered the next….this is beautiful fast & free shipping!! Also, my dog Onyx LOVES his grain free pork & chicken recipe!!

  35. Susan

    We got a new puppy. Great Lakes was recommended by the breeder. I went online and ordered a bag that same day. We received the food a few days later. Quick service and our puppy loves the food!

  36. Sage

    We were recommended this kibble for our new maltipoo puppy from our breeder. She really enjoys it and loves the meat treats as well. I like that it is grain-free and the 20lb bag lasts a long time.

  37. jinjunghan

    I have a 3-month-old boxer. The breeder fed her puppies the GreatLakes dog food, so I purchased one bag of pork puppy formula from her. My puppy has loved it and almost ate it. So, I wanted to order the same food on the website, but there is a new pork & chicken puppy formula. Without hesitation, I ordered a new one. My puppy loves it more than a pork puppy formula. I can’t compare to other brands of puppy food, because I haven’t tried any other brands before. However, I am sure that GreatLakes pet food is really great. My puppy is very healthy, and her coat is so shiny. I love all products from GreatLakes! Thanks for providing a superior quality pet food.

  38. Jodi Johnson

    The breeder feed his puppies and dogs this food and recommended that we use the same. Our puppy is happy, healthy, growing and very energetic with this food. He loves it and we will continue to feed Teddy this product.

  39. Kiley LaFramboise

    Great dog food! My dogs love it can’t wait to switch my older dog over once my puppy can get off the puppy food!

  40. JR

    Best puppy Food my shichon loves it

  41. John Oh

    Excellent customer service. GreatLakes was recommend by the breeder where we got our puppy from. You can tell the kibbles are high quality. Unfortunately, the chicken blend which I purchased did not work out well for my puppy, vet indicated that she was allergic to it. In response, customer service was able to help immediately. They were very responsive and easy to work with. I recommend this company because they stand behind their product.

  42. Ruth Bicard

    Our experience with GLPF started when we picked up our 11 week old Shih Tzu. She loves this food and waits by the fridge for her meat treat. Have had a very good experience with customer service. I’m spreading the word about this great food. Thanks

  43. Kristie

    We received Great Lakes puppy food from the breeder when we got our Shichon puppy in March. After that bag was all gone, I ordered a new bag from the website. It arrived in only two days. Our puppy has loved this food for four months, and she has not had a single stomach issue. It’s wonderful. I see no reason change and plan to try other Great Lakes products.

  44. Erin

    Our 2 puppies love these treats! They won’t touch regular store bought treats!

  45. Sherry L. Wichman

    I recently purchased a small toy poodle puppy (13 weeks old – 2.5#). I also bought a 20# bag of Great Lakes dog food from the kennel owner. Initially when I saw the size of the food pieces I thought no way is this little guy going to eat these big nuggets. I was pleasantly surprised when I poured some into his food dish and he immediately began crunching into and eating the Great Lakes. I’ve had the pup now for 2 weeks and he continues to chow down on his food and is very healthy, playful and full of energy. My vet asked what I was feeding him. He said that Great Lakes is a very good choice and to continue with this source of dog food. Thanks Great Lakes for making a wonderful dog food for my pup.

  46. Shannon

    Our girl is a Boston Terrier. Purchased food upon recommendation of the breeder. We bought the pork & chicken puppy formula. She wolfs it down. We also use individual kibble as potty treats, and she gets super excited! She isn’t stinky, ever and her coat is beautiful.

  47. Colleen M.

    We brought our little shichon (shih tzu/bischon) puppy Finnegan home on Saturday with a small supply of Great Lakes puppy food from the breeder.
    I placed an order on Monday night of that week and the food arrived on Wednesday – super fast!
    I opened the bag, dumped the food into the bin, and it was only then that I realized the kibble size was bigger. Out little 6# puppy didn’t seem to like it as much. I contacted Great Lakes Pet Food that night, and Darrick got back to me early Thursday morning. We spoke on the phone and he explained the kibble size difference between what our breeder had and what had been shipped to me. He immediately offered to ship out a new supply of food in the smaller kibble size at NO charge! The box arrived the next day, with more food and he even included a bag of the meat treats! What exceptional customer service!!
    I am telling everyone I know about the high quality food and customer service at Great Lakes.
    Thanks so much!

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