The Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food

Have you just brought home your brand new puppy? Much like raising a child, a lot of thought and planning goes into how you take care of him—including choosing the right food. At Great Lakes Pet Food, we believe that proper nutrition will lead to a long and happy life for your pup. That’s why we’ve created our protein-rich, grain-free pet food. But why grain-free?

Benefits of Grain-Free Dog Food

  • Easier to digest: This means mealtime won’t lead to stomach problems or sluggishness. Do you remember how you felt last Thanksgiving after eating more than you should? When a dog eats food that is hard to digest, it not only slows him down but can also lead to inflammation in the stomach.
  • More energy: Grain-free dog food can actually increase energy levels, keeping him active and playful.
  • Keep them full: Less food is required to keep him feeling full, which means you don’t have to spend as much money on food and you can keep his weight under control.

When a dog doesn’t stay active or keeps returning to his food dish, he can start to gain weight quickly. Overweight dogs have a greater risk of running into health issues, which is no fun for them or you. That’s why the right combination of nutrition and exercise is so important.

When you feel too full or sick, do you feel like working out? Of course not—you want to rest and recover. This is also true of your dog. If he eats too much or has a hard time digesting his food, he won’t feel like playing and moving. When this becomes a consistent cycle of eat, sleep, and repeat, there is a greater potential of damage being done to your dog’s health. That’s why the right food choice is the first step toward a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

After seeing our own pets reap the benefits of grain-free dog food, we wanted to help other dogs thrive too. Our tasty recipe not only provides them with the nutrients they need, but also gives them the energy to play, work, and be a loving companion.

Dogs are happiest when they feel healthy and loved. Show your new pup how much you love him by picking out the right food!


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