Stool Stories: From GLPF Customers

There is a difference in the quality of food you choose to feed your dog (you can find out more about the difference with our food in this recent blog). A poor quality food will reck havoc on your dogs insides. Eventually, this will lead to outward signs like loose and smelly stool, allergy symptoms, skin issues, arthritis, open sores, poor hair coat, bad teeth, and ear infections. 

Here are two examples that our customers have told us about their dog’s stool difference when feeding our food:

The Smelly Pug

A customer was doing his normal work out in his shop when he happened to notice one of his pugs didn’t make it outside to use the bathroom. The whole shop smelled awful! After he started feeding the pugs GLPF he was once again working out in the shop on a larger piece of equipment. He was unable to get to the door to let the pug out. He was prepared for the rank smell to once again. To his pleasant surprise there was NOTHING. NONE. NOTTA. No smell at all! He is officially a GLPF customer for life.

Eating Dirt?

A family and their young child had just come in for dinner after playing outside. They kicked their muddy boots off at the door and proceeded to eat. Soon the young girl was playing by the muddy boots and as most young children do, she started to put the dirt from the boots in her mouth. After cleaning her up and having her spit the dirt out they realized it actually wasn’t dirt but poop from their dog. They must have stepped in it outside and didn’t even notice! It had so little smell that it wasn’t noticeable and wasn’t soft and squishy!

Stool stories come in weekly. The difference is real! Give us a try and you will see, or should we say, smell the difference.



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