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Preventing or Reversing Dog Obesity

Just as obesity in humans can cause a wide range of health problems, so too can dog obesity. When dogs eat too much or don’t exercise enough (or both), they can quickly gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Even moderate obesity can reduce your dog’s lifespan, so taking proper care of them is crucial every step of the way.

How To Prevent (or Reverse) Dog Obesity

  1. Know Your Dog’s Ideal Weight: It’s impossible to know if your dog is overweight if you don’t know what their ideal weight should be in the first place. Every dog is different, but your veterinarian should be able to assist you in finding the correct, healthy weight range, as well as a plan for keeping him there.
  2. Proper Nutrition: Again every dog will differ on what kind of food they eat and how much they need, but by controlling portions and timing, you can help prevent overeating. In addition, while treats are good for training and rewards, they should only be used in moderation—not as a staple of their diet.
  3. Exercise: Regardless of breed, size, or age, every dog needs to exercise as part of their healthy lifestyle. While the amount and intensity changes from dog to dog, make sure you take walks and play with him frequently.
  4. Monitor Weight: You can keep track of your dog’s weight with a scale, but if he is gaining weight, you’ll likely be able to tell just by looking at him. If this happens, he either needs more exercise or a change in dietary habits.

Remember that you are in control of your dog’s health. Allowing him to get obese can greatly increase his health risks. To keep your dog happy and healthy, it is important that you put in the time and effort to maintain his ideal weight. By working with your vet, you can come up with the proper plan for nutrition and exercise to keep him by your side as long as possible.

At Great Lakes Pet Food, we want to help create a healthy lifestyle for your dog. That’s why we created our grain-free recipe. It keeps him feeling full longer, which helps fight against overeating and provides more energy for staying active. If your dog is struggling with obesity, our food can help!


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