At three years old, I picked up a snake and reportedly said, “Look Mommy – worm!” I was told she nearly fainted.

There were a myriad of cats and kittens on the farm – snow whites, tabbies and tortoises – lovingly shuffled into the house and dressed in my doll’s clothes. Speaking of which, putting your sister’s Dachshund-Basset mix in your clean dress is another way to upset your mother.

Never play “stare out” with a Chihuahua-Beagle mix – you’ll end up on top of the kitchen table. Apparently, they don’t like that game. (I’ve learned that no dog likes that game.)

Collies don’t like thunderstorms. While trying to hide under your bed, they can lift it off the floor.

Dutch rabbits love purple field clover!

I begged for a pet monkey. My parents said no.

Some big white fluffy chickens will let you hold, pet and talk to them.

Angus calves are very curious! You can get in a lot of trouble if you sit perfectly still and allow half a dozen calves to completely surround you. Apparently, their mothers don’t like it. Neither does the farmer who owns the calves.

My first kitty that was all my own was killed in a tornado.

We bought a house instead of rented because of a dog.

If you pick up your son’s new pet bird on a day he is not home, it will most assuredly bond with you instead of him.

I lost a cat to leukemia on the same day my neighbor died suddenly at her home. I hope they met together in heaven.

We lost a cat to some sort of endocrine problem and the fact that I wasn’t feeding her better food – I didn’t know then what I know now.

Strays can bring tremendous work and tremendous joy.

Cats can hug.

The summary of my journey? I love animals. The journey of researching pet food and this company have taught me so much.

Our pets are members of our family; I’m guessing yours are too.

Welcome to Great Lakes Pet Food, and thank you for reading. I look forward to serving you and your family.