Have you wondered about what stage of life your cat is in? Many people often talk about the different life stages of their dogs but not often of their cats. Do cats have life stages? Are they as obvious as with a dog? Well, yes they do have many different life stages and at times you may have not noticed that your cat has recently been through a developmental change.

Below is a rough guideline of the different stages of your cats life.

  • Kitten– Your cat is considered a kitten from 0-6 months. This is when your cat is growing rapidly. This is the stage that you would see the most physical changes with your cat.
  • Junior– Your cat is a junior from 6 months -2 years. At this point in your cats life they are fully grown. They are also learning how to survive. You may feel like your cat is still young and spry at this stage but now is the time to have a plan to keep your cat at a healthy weight.
  • Prime– Your cat is in this prime stage from 3-6 years. By this time your cat is physically and behaviorally mature. They still have the sleek and skinny look.
  • Mature– From 7-10 years your cat is known as a mature cat. If your cat were a human it would be like they are in their mid-40’s to mid-50’s.
  • Senior– Ages 11-14 years make your cat a senior. This would be the equivalent to a human being 70 years of age.
  • Geriatric– Your cat is considered a geriatric from 15  years and on. It may surprise you but many cats do actually reach this stage in their lives. Keep an eye on your cat at the stage. Any changes with vocalization or litter habits could be a sign of a medical issue.

Cats are fun and curious animals. Take the time today to enjoy the stage your cat is currently in. Any maybe its time that you start planning ways to keep your cat healthier so that they are able to make it to the geriatric stage of life.